The most affordable and basic painting level. The model is first sprayed with polyurethane primer and base coated. All colours are applied and most details picked out, that being followed by highlighting some of the edges. Finally a coat of varnish is given to protect the miniature for gaming and handling. These models look really good up close and on the table-top.


More advanced and very neat painting level featuring different techniques. Advanced weathering techniques, using oil and enamel paints as well as dry pigments, can be applied as appropriate to the model. I highly recommend this level for all kinds of vehicles and machines as well as characters to set them apart from the minor units. These models look awesome at any distance and are jewels of your army.


The highest, display quality that the studio provides for its customers.  The peak of our painting skills. Extreme neatness, wet blending, blacklining, zenithal higlights, preshading, it’s all here. Every model painted to this standard is priced individually.