Welcome to Iron Keep Studio where terrain building and miniature painting is not only a way of making money but a mixture of passion and addiction, most of all. Iron Keep Studio is a small home run venture based in Poland and specializes in professional miniature painting and building any sort of terrain.

If you want your entire army or single miniatures to stand out on the tabletop battlefield but you lack time or skills to accomplish that, this is the place for you. Different levels of painting and basing, converting, magnetizing, you name it.

If you are looking for a custom display board, a diorama, a single piece of terrain, a large scale centerpiece or a full game board you have come to the right place. Commission work can be fully scratch built, from building kits such as those made by Games Workshop or a combination of the above.

I am perfectionist by nature, that’s why I am crazy about details, always focused on highest standard of my work. If I don’t like what I have just created it simply means it’s not good enough for my clients. But that never occurred so far LOL. To achieve the highest standard of finish I use a wide range of paints, modeling materials and professional equipment such as airbrushes, hot wire foam cutter, static grass applicator, cast moulds or dremel multi-tool.

There is no project that I am unable to complete for you. The only limitation is the size of your budget.

Thank you for visiting my website, please view the gallery. If you have any questions or have a budget to work to please do not hesitate to contact me through the contact form. I am ready and happy to aid you in creating your vision.

Best regards and happy wargaming!

Iron Keep Studio