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Why should I order from Iron Keep Studio?2020-01-22T10:51:21+01:00

Iron Keep Studio has a mission – to deliver best quality products to its customers. I use only top quality materials, vast pallet of finest acrylic paints, washes and other modeling effects. Practical knoledge of different modeling techniques is crucial to achieve best results. Each piece coming out from the studio is unique and guarantees 100% satisfaction!

Payment of commissions2020-01-22T10:51:43+01:00

I require 25% of the commission price up front to cover the costs of materials as well as securing yourself a commission slot. When the project is complete and you are happy you simply pay the other 75% + p&p costs and I post the models/boards/scenery. Payments are made via Paypal. Deposits are only refundable if the work does not meet your expectations, not if you cancel your order after work has begun. I will always give you a start date and an estimated completion date. Please be aware completion dates can vary due to any unforeseen issues arising once work has begun. Balance is due within 7 days of completion.

Postage of your order2020-01-22T10:51:54+01:00

I ask for you to pay the cost of postage (tracked and insured). I pack models in the best method I can, double-layered boxes with foam and bubble wrap (box corners reinforced with MDF board pieces if needed). The total p&p costs vary depending on size and weight of boxes as well as the place u reside but it’s usually around 25-30 GBP for big orders, around 15 GBP for medium size orders (f.e. pieces of terrain) and around 6 GBP for small objectes such as single miniatures or smaller pieces of terrain. I ship world wide.

How long will it take for my project to be completed?2020-01-22T10:52:13+01:00

Estimating the production time to make each terrain board is always difficult as each piece is completely unique. It depends greatly on how detailed the terrain is and how long it will take to build. I would keep you updated with the project’s progress and you are always able to get in contact and check on your project.

Can I add more items to my order?2020-01-22T10:50:04+01:00

Sure! Just let me know as soon as possible and before shipping. However, adding more items will prolong the working process or might even be impossible if other commissions have already been lined up.

How many miniature painting levels do you offer?2020-01-22T10:52:37+01:00

I offer 3 painting levels. For more details please see miniature painting section on commissions subside where you will find two of them. The third level being display quality level is the top choice. There are no fixed prices for this service as every miniature is considered individually. If you have a question about platinum level painting, please, send me a message.

Can u purchase models for me?2020-01-22T10:52:50+01:00

I can purchase models on your behalf directly from the manufacturer or a trusted independent stockist. The funds for purchasing models must be paid in full and before the project starts. I make zero profit on purchasing models. You can always check prices on manufacturer’s website. Alternatively you can have models shipped directly to my studio.

Having me ordering your models is the best way to go, actually. First, you don’t have to pay for p&p. Second, models will be painted partly assembled, therefore all details on them are easy to reach.

Do you strip models and repaint them?2020-01-22T10:49:14+01:00

I offer a strip and repaint service, please contact me for further information and prices.

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