I accept three kinds of terrain commissions.

  • Ones made from pre-fabricated kits such as Games Workshop scenery kits, these have more to do with regular painting commissions rather than with custom terrain building process
  • Custom projects, these are fully scratch built from materials such as high density foam, wood, clay, plaster, plastic etc., I use wide range of modeling techniques to achieve best results
  • Combination of two above, these are my personal favourite commissions as they give most room to maneuver

I distinguish several particular project types under custom terrain designation:

  • Playing table – full size gaming board (6×4 ft) divided into smaller boards (2×2 ft or 2×1 ft) for easier storage
  • Display board – surroundings thematically unified with your army making it look even more impressive
  • Large scale centerpiece – a perfect focus point of any gaming table, it can be a huge mountain or a stronghold to one side of the conflict, for instance
  • Smaller scenery pieces – single scenery like hills, trees, trenches or ruins that diversify your gaming table and the game itself
  • Dioramas – a perfect way to capture a moment within a single scene

If you are interested in any kind of terrain/board project, please, contact me via contact form.

Describe what is there in your head, what is your vision, idea of terrain. We will discuss the general concept and details – this stage is crucial for your final satisfaction. I will need you to provide as much reference pictures or illustrations as you can possibly gather. That will make my work much easier as your vision will be clear to me. If not, you will be left with no choice but to trust my imagination and creativity LOL. Exchanging ideas is a funny process.

Once we have agreed upon your expectations, I will present rough sketches of the project along with the estimation of total commission cost. All terrain and boards are custom made to your specific requirements so prices vary depending on how detailed each project is and what is required.

After price approval I will require a 25% deposit for the work I have to undertake and materials to buy. If your terrain project contains pre-fabricated kits like those by Games Workshop, the deposit required will increase up to 40% due to adequate kits purchase necessity.

Estimating the production time is always difficult as each project is completely unique. It depends greatly on how detailed the terrain is and how long it will take to create. You would be kept updated with the project’s progress and you can always get in contact and check on your project.

Please, bear in mind that commission time frames are subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances and other working delays.

Once the project is completed I will provide you with a number of high quality pictures for your final approval. Then I will request the payment of remaining 75% (or 60% in case of combined commissions) from the total commission price. As soon as the payment reaches the bank account I will pack and dispatch the commission subject to the address you supply.

And that’s it! You are a proud owner of a great looking and unique piece of custom terrain/board!